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Research & Development

Our research and development entity in Cochin, India thrives on having professional expertise in software development, application support, and Application/Data migration. Seven Seas Hi Tech Systems LTD owns and operates various products, which can be easily be implemented into various domains. These applications are highly customizable and can easily adapt to your business. Furthermore, constant updates, patches and latest features are routinely added to the existing application. In addition, we support our business group remotely, to enable their business fail-proof.

We follow software engineering and support standards, which is being followed in the international level and global market. Agile software development life cycle is being implemented as well, which in turn enables our customers to experience and feel the proposed solution during the development stage itself.

In-house Products on Web platforms

We at Seven Seas Hi-Tech Systems bring in the experience from the world of Tier-1 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. We invested our research & development efforts into building a totally unique and highly flexible platform of ERP solutions matching Industry best practices and unique versatile implementation technologies. It is a truly modern and new age ERP solution. The core feature of the 7SYS ERP platform is its feature richness and immense flexibility. More than a commercial off-the-shelf product, it is of a full-fledged flexible ERP platform.

7SYS ERP solutions are offered in TWO major packaged forms:
  • Pre-configured workflow configurations based on industry standard best practices specifically designed for specific verticals as follows:
    • Trading
    • Production
    • Restaurant ( POS SYSTEM INCLUDED)
    • Hotel
    • Human Resource Management
    • Accounts and Payroll
  • Fully custom-tailored business applications based on the 7SYS ERP platform framework.

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