• Quick Service.

  • Quality Work.

  • life time support.

Service and Support

Our Mission at Seven Seas Group and very much-implemented in Seven Seas InfoTech enforces establishing long lasting relationships by providing an array of reliable solutions as well as very established service and support center.

We have a set up a multiple support tier service and support center involving various hierarchy of technical knowledge and troubleshooting mechanisms. In addition, we have automated this process to the maximum point until a human interface needs to get involved so that this process is as seamlessly as possible.

We understand the market does often require quick access to troubleshooting any issues or direct contact to SSIT’s staff. Thus we have established a toll free hotline. Just pick up and call 8000SSIT / 80007748 (Oman). This service isn’t outsourced to other third parties because we understand the frustrations that one could have when trying to troubleshoot an issues and collection of information is just not satisfying.

We also offer a range of services to enable smooth to day to day operations of your business

  • Facilities management services
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Comprehensive maintenance contracts