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SSIT has number of areas of expertise which ensures business stability and enables our customers to benefit from a high level of consultancy, comprehensive technical training, after-sales support and most importantly, competitive pricing. It is not just supplying products & services; it is about developing an understanding of every single customer we work for.

Below is how SSIT categorizes the various IT sectors that we are involved in:

Hardware & Software Solutions

SSIT is able to provide an array of converged hardware and software solutions. While we retain an experienced in-house workforce we are able to provide the market with reliable consultation, engineering, designing and implementation of a range hardware /software or combined system that an organization would need regardless of its complexity.

Each licensed in the formuser-license-number@support.sevenseasinfotech.com, where unique number of the End-User Infotech to the customer on signing up a c the designated contact, the SPOC from our side subsequently books a Ticket.


  • Servers

  • Storage

  • Disaster recovery

  • Structured Cabling

  • Networking

  • Virtualization

  • Unified Communication & Collaboration

  • IP Telephony



  • BTS

  • Data Center

  • Video Conference

  • Microwave

  • Digital alarms

  • IP Migration

  • Switches

  • Converged solution

  • Fiber solution

  • FTTH

  • Micro data center

  • Container data center

  • Network Monitoring System

  • Security & surveillance


  • ERP

  • HRMS

  • CRM

  • Intranet Portals

  • Document management

  • Business intelligence

  • Cyber security

  • Network forensic

Marketing Solutions

Website and mobile application design & development: Since the development of the World Wide Web we have seen an importance in obtaining a superb website to show the strength and value of various entities.

86% of people globally will initially research about a company through the Internet prior to looking through any other sources because it is the easiest to access.

We have seen the importance of companies demanding and needing an online polished presence. Furthermore, laptops and desktops had been the most popular way that people use to access website. Recently, the importance of having a mobile application and having a website that is accessible through a smartphone has been vital towards projecting an organization tech-savvy knowhow and image. Thus we have taken this up as an IT marketing solution that we can provide to the market and to our customer.

Asset Security, Safety, Monitoring and Management Systems

Monitoring your assets and maximizing the efficiency of organizations can really shape and pave the success of managing an entity. Government or private owned companies involved in various activates and industries (Logistics, Construction, Transportation, Dairy/Poultry, Petrochemicals, Telecommunications, Education, Medical etc.) are interested in monitoring their assets such as vehicles, machinery as well as human recourse for an array of benefits. Our solution composes many attributes in a single device. Depending on your needs and type of operation, SSIT can provide you with appropriate type of monitoring and management system for your assets.

Educational and Medical solutions

We have invested heavily into marketing and developing various solutions for these sectors. There is a large gap in medical and educational facilities in Oman when comparing it on the global scale. Thus SSIT has taken the initiative to introduce revolutionary products to bridge this gap by providing these various industries with the appropriate tools.

  • Electronic Learning Platform

  • Tablet/Laptop Management Solution

  • Automotive reception